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Today's blogpost is about America Today's Summer Moments campaign. They now offer 20% discount on everything, so be quick to score your favorite summer outfit at great prices.

These are crazy times we live in. Summer is just around the corner, but we already know that there won't be any festivals or big events, we're not able to go to clubs and party and it's still not certain that we're allowed to go on holidays. All due to the coronavirus. But it's time to move past all of the negativity and focus on the good things, because there are still plenty great, fun things to do!

I had to get used to all of the corona measurements, just like everyone else. However, I've adjusted and found out there's so many fun things that we didn't have time for or simply forgot about in our busy schedules. Simple things like going outdoors and playing a bit of soccer with your friends, having a BBQ in the park or just chilling and talking for hours while enjoying a cold drink; all things I didn't do for such a long time but love doing!

And that is exactly what America Today's latest campaign is all about; Summer Moments. Whether it's hanging out with friends, spending your days at the beach, spending quality time with family, there's still so much to do. Especially in the summer season since it's usually great weather and we're able to go outdoors. And who doesn't enjoy wearing a new, cool outfit while doing so. Therefore, America Today now offers 20% discount on everything, making it even easier to enjoy your Summer Moments!

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