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Björn Borg has released an amazing new collection titled 'Radiate'. The collection focusses on colorful reflective prints, radiating energy all around.

Björn Borg Radiate Collection
Björn Borg Radiate

Björn Borg is known for their efforts to motivate people to stay active and stay healthy. They live and breathe sports and fitness and inspire their following to do the same, working out and experience all of the resulting benefits, both physically and mentally.

“They live and breathe sports and fitness and inspire their following to do the same”

Björn Borg is known to release collection inspired on stories and their latest collection story is called 'Radiate'.


The Radiate collection is designed to motivate you to reach your maximum performance. The full collection story is written as:

''Your body is amazing. 

As you work out in the gym or practice your favourite sport, your body does incredible things to reach its maximum performance. Veins expand, metabolism increases and muscles swell.

Physical activity can activate your inner and outer glow. We want to inspire you to feel the power of performing at the top of your potential, to radiate.''


I believe the 'Radiate' story is a great story that completely circles back to the look and feel of the collection. The colorful reflective prints literally makes you 'glow'. It radiates energy and positivity. It inspires me to reach maximum results and get the best out of myself and hope it does the same for you!

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